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Wireless Foot Pedal
Wireless Foot Pedal Model#: TMFS-WIRELESS

Get rid of the cord and get one of our new wireless foot pedals.

$60.00 In Stock
Push Start Power Supply Switch
Push Start Power Supply Switch Model#: TMFSWIT-PLUG

Tired of using foot pedals, Try our new push start or flick switch

$10.00 - $12.00
Basic Foot Pedal
Basic Foot Pedal Model#: TMFS1-C

Basic foot pedal with standard copper wires & 5 feet long.

$15.00 In Stock
Gem Foot Pedal
Gem Foot Pedal Model#: TMFSR1

Heavy duty and heavy weighted foot pedal.

$45.00 In Stock
Sabre Foot Switch
Sabre Foot Switch Model#: SABRE-PEDAL-BLACK

A robust foot switch built to last. The large work area can be activated with only the slightest touch.

$130.00 In Stock
Mini Flat Foot Pedal
Mini Flat Foot Pedal Model#: TMFS-MINI

This foot pedal stand no higher then 0.25" inch.

$15.00 In Stock
Ultra Thin Foot Pedal #2
Ultra Thin Foot Pedal #2 Model#: TMFS-MINI2

New & Improved model with a non slip base

$18.00 In Stock
Square Foot Pedal
Square Foot Pedal Model#: TMFS1

Square Foot Pedal with premium copper wires & 8 Feet Long.

$18.00 In Stock
Slim Skull Foot Pedal
Slim Skull Foot Pedal Model#: TMFS-SKULL-BLK

A slim and very strong foot pedal in the shape of a skull. Comes in 3 different colors. (Phono Plug)

Foot Pedal Cross
Foot Pedal Cross Model#: TMFSR-CROSS-BRONZE

Foot Pedal Cross

Gem Foot Pedal & Clip Cord Combo (Phono Plug)
Gem Foot Pedal & Clip Cord Combo (Phono Plug) Model#: TMFSRSET1

Gem Foot Pedal & Clip Cord Combo (Phono Plug)

$55.00 In Stock

Foot Pedals

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