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Nuto Pen
Nuto Pen Model#: Nuto Pen with 3 boxes of Expired Nuto cartridges for Practice ONLY

For the best user experience with Nuto Cartridges, it is recommended to use the New Nuto Pen. The Nuto Pen has a sleek simple design for those who prefer a smaller grip. Pen Diameter is 3/4".

$120.00 In Stock
Tat Tech Light Box
Tat Tech Light Box Model#: TATTECH-LIGHT-BOX-A4

As thin as a Apple tablet, but even lighter. This light box is dimmable and super bright. Micro USB connection which can be plugged into anything with USB.

$55.00 - $75.00
Power Supply Adapter
Power Supply Adapter Model#: CH-ADAPTER

Allows you to use any power supply to power up your Cheyenne Motor or Pen. No more big bulky Start Up Cord.

$18.50 Out Of Stock
Stencil Gel
Stencil Gel Model#: STENCIL GEL

New Stencil Gel liquid solution now available, from the makers of Stencil Stick

$7.50 - $80.00
Keep It Wet Solution
Keep It Wet Solution Model#: EI-KIW1

Keep your inks fresh and lasting longer. Can be used to also thin out your ink.

$6.75 - $9.50
Cord Holder Dot
Cord Holder Dot Model#: PC-TIDY-BLACK (1pcs)

Available in 3 colors: Black, Green & Pink. Adhesive back sticks to anything. Connect up to 2 cords per dot.

Eclipse Version 3 Stencil Machine
Eclipse Version 3 Stencil Machine Model#: ECLIPSE3-A4

The latest version of our Eclipse® series stencil machines. Our 3rd generation work even better then our popular version 2.

$1,150.00 - $1,280.00
Adjustable Cartridge Disposable Tubes
Adjustable Cartridge Disposable Tubes Model#: ULTRA-TGRIP-SAMPLE

Our new line of Ultra Cartridge Disposable Tubes can be adjusted just like your high end metal Cartridge Grips. Easily adjust the wing of the needle with a quick twist.

$5.00 - $22.00
Stealth Viper
Stealth Viper Model#: STEALTH-VIPER-GREY

The newest addition to the Stealth Series. This machine uses our new Matsu Coreless Motor.

$15.00 - $200.00
T2 Air (Black)
T2 Air (Black) Model#: T2-AIR-BLACK

The new light weight T2 Air cartridge machine.

$285.00 List Price:$425.00 You Save: $140.00 (33%) In Stock
Sol Luna and Terra
Sol Luna and Terra Model#: CH-SOL-LUNA


$685.00 List Price:$800.00 You Save: $115.00 (14%)
Microblading Roller Needles For Permanent Makeup Eyebrow Tattoo Shading Coloring
Microblading Roller Needles For Permanent Makeup Eyebrow Tattoo Shading Coloring Model#: PM-NEEDLE WHEEL-6.3

Available in 2 size: 9.3mm Liner & 6.3mm Shader. All Disposable and one time use.

$10.00 - $12.00
Bliss & Pure Kit
Bliss & Pure Kit Model#: PS-BLISS-KIT

This kit includes the Bliss power supply, Pure Pen & 10 magnetic cartridges. The Bliss is the first of its kind to offer a touch less system.

$799.00 List Price:$1,199.00 You Save: $400.00 (33%) In Stock
Premium Tight Liners
Premium Tight Liners Model#: R1203RLB-TIGHT 5pcs

Radical is well known for there quality Cartridges, but Now they also make Tight Liners Needles on Loop Bar.

$2.25 - $21.00
Blue Lagoon Set
Blue Lagoon Set Model#: SBT-BLUE LAGOON SET1

New Ink Set

$165.00 In Stock
KN95 Face Mask
KN95 Face Mask Model#: KN95-FACE-MASK-2

Get added protection with our 4 Layers of protective filtration face mask. Does not irritate the skin and comfortable and soft.

$6.00 - $40.00
Flite X1 by Inkjecta (Stealth)
Flite X1 by Inkjecta (Stealth) Model#: INKJECTA-FLITE-X1-STL

The newest wireless battery powered rotary by Inkjecta.

$1,590.00 1 In Stock
Cheyenne Capillary Cartridges
Cheyenne Capillary Cartridges Model#: CH-3CL (0.25)-5pcs

Become unstoppable with the Cheyenne Capillary Cartridges!

$14.00 - $15.00
Twist Grips for Long Cartridges
Twist Grips for Long Cartridges Model#: ECL-GRIP

Easily lock your long cartridges with these grips. Available in 2 sizes.

Hand Poke Tool
Hand Poke Tool Model#: HANDPOKE-TOOL-RED

Adjustable Hand Tool Grip for STICK & POKE.

Exo Pen
Exo Pen Model#: FK-EXO-ST-4.0

Get your Exo today, with the power of the wireless with the wire option put into 1. The best of both worlds.

$950.00 - $1,500.00
Blaq Paq Commuter (Big Sleeps)
Blaq Paq Commuter (Big Sleeps) Model#: BLAQPAQ-COMMUTER-BS

Sullen Blaq Paq Commuter BIG SLEEPS Edition.

$100.00 Out Of Stock
Genji Rotary Machine
Genji Rotary Machine Model#: GENJI-BLUE

One of the first rotary with some needle give with incorporating a spring into its design.

Organic Aftercare Healaxis® Cream
Organic Aftercare Healaxis® Cream Model#: HEALING CREAM-60ml

Healaxis is an advanced healing cream, created specifically for tattoo, microblading, permanent makeup, and minor surgery aftercare.

$39.98 - $199.00
White Model#: KS-WHITE1

Kokkai Sumi is happy to come out with a Solid Smooth White Tattoo Ink.

$9.00 - $45.00
Magneto Power Cord System
Magneto Power Cord System Model#: TMPC-MAGNETO-CORD

Easily connect your machine with a safe and sturdy magnetic connection.

$10.00 - $17.00
Stealth 4.0 (Black)
Stealth 4.0 (Black) Model#: STEALTH4-BLACK

The Version 4 now offer a fully adjustable needle swing from 2.5mm to 4.5mm. With a simple twist you can adjust your needle swing.

$345.00 In Stock
T2 Wireless Pen Kit
T2 Wireless Pen Kit Model#: T2-TATTOO-KIT-R

Professional tattoo kit with the new and latest technology.

$400.00 In Stock
TAC Anesthetic Cream
TAC Anesthetic Cream Model#: NUM-TAC

TAC Sciences Anesthetic Cream is the gold standard in the tattoo industry for tattoo anesthetic products! The TAC Sciences Tattoo Anesthetic Cream is the strongest and most effective product of its kind on the market.

$65.00 Out Of Stock
Enzo Pen V4
Enzo Pen V4 Model#: ENZO-PEN-4.0-BLACK

The Enzo V4 comes in a more shorter thicker design.

$165.00 In Stock

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