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Nuto Pen
Nuto Pen Model#: Nuto Pen with 3 boxes of Nuto cartridges

For the best user experience with Nuto Cartridges, it is recommended to use the New Nuto Pen. The Nuto Pen has a sleek simple design for those who prefer a smaller grip. Pen Diameter is 3/4".

$120.00 Out Of Stock
Tat Tech Light Box
Tat Tech Light Box Model#: TATTECH-LIGHT-BOX-A4

As thin as a Apple tablet, but even lighter. This light box is dimmable and super bright. Micro USB connection which can be plugged into anything with USB.

$55.00 - $115.00
Power Supply Adapter
Power Supply Adapter Model#: CH-ADAPTER

Allows you to use any power supply to power up your Cheyenne Motor or Pen. No more big bulky Start Up Cord.

$18.50 Out Of Stock
Pro Cup Single
Pro Cup Single Model#: PRO-CUP

Pro Cups the world's finest instrument to clean, blend, dry, or dilute ink in seconds while tattooing.

$3.50 In Stock
Hair of the Dog DVD by Bob Tyrrell
Hair of the Dog DVD by Bob Tyrrell Model#: DVD-HAIR-OT-DOG

Black & Grey Dog Portrait Techniques by the master Bob Tyrrell

$120.00 Out Of Stock
Hand Poking Dotwork Pen
Hand Poking Dotwork Pen Model#: SABRE-DOT-PEN

Hand Poking Dotwork Pen

$60.00 Out Of Stock
Apprentice Tattoo Pen Kit
Apprentice Tattoo Pen Kit Model#: KIT-PEN (comes with expired practicing cartridges)

We now offer a Kits with a TATTOO PEN that uses Cartridge Needles.

$265.00 - $285.00
Stencil Gel
Stencil Gel Model#: STENCIL GEL

New Stencil Gel liquid solution now available, from the makers of Stencil Stick

$7.50 - $80.00
Keep It Wet Solution
Keep It Wet Solution Model#: EI-KIW1

Keep your inks fresh and lasting longer. Can be used to also thin out your ink.

$3.50 - $7.00
Cord Holder Dot
Cord Holder Dot Model#: PC-TIDY-BLACK (1pcs)

Available in 3 colors: Black, Green & Pink. Adhesive back sticks to anything. Connect up to 2 cords per dot.

Eclipse Version 3 Stencil Machine
Eclipse Version 3 Stencil Machine Model#: ECLIPSE3-A4

The latest version of our Eclipse® series stencil machines. Our 3rd generation work even better then our popular version 2.

$1,100.00 - $1,230.00
Adjustable Cartridge Disposable Tubes
Adjustable Cartridge Disposable Tubes Model#: ULTRA-TGRIP-SAMPLE

Our new line of Ultra Cartridge Disposable Tubes can be adjusted just like your high end metal Cartridge Grips. Easily adjust the wing of the needle with a quick twist.

$4.50 - $22.00
Dark Horse Rotary (Black)
Dark Horse Rotary (Black) Model#: DARKHORSE ROTARY1-BLACK

From the makers of the Dark Horse Pen, now also offer Rotary Machine.

$185.00 In Stock
Stealth Viper
Stealth Viper Model#: STEALTH-VIPER-GREY

The newest addition to the Stealth Series. This machine uses our new Matsu Coreless Motor.

$15.00 - $355.00
T2 Nano
T2 Nano Model#: T2-NANO-DSB

The smallest and most powerful cartridge machine we have. Includes a clickable grip as well. Available in 6 colors

T2 Air (Black)
T2 Air (Black) Model#: T2-AIR-BLACK

The new light weight T2 Air cartridge machine.

$285.00 List Price:$425.00 You Save: $140.00 (33%) In Stock
Sol Luna and Terra
Sol Luna and Terra Model#: CH-SOL-LUNA


Microblading Roller Needles For Permanent Makeup Eyebrow Tattoo Shading Coloring
Microblading Roller Needles For Permanent Makeup Eyebrow Tattoo Shading Coloring Model#: PM-NEEDLE WHEEL-6.3

Available in 2 size: 9.3mm Liner & 6.3mm Shader. All Disposable and one time use.

$10.00 - $12.00
Bliss & Pure Kit
Bliss & Pure Kit Model#: PS-BLISS-KIT

This kit includes the Bliss power supply, Pure Pen & 10 magnetic cartridges. The Bliss is the first of its kind to offer a touch less system.

$799.00 List Price:$1,199.00 You Save: $400.00 (33%) In Stock
Premium Tight Liners
Premium Tight Liners Model#: R1203RLB-TIGHT 5pcs

Radical is well known for there quality Cartridges, but Now they also make Tight Liners Needles on Loop Bar.

$2.25 - $21.00
Enzo Pen V2
Enzo Pen V2 Model#: ENZO PEN-B-AP20

The Enzo Version 2 (AP-10), comes in more Powerful Shorter Thicker Design.

$165.00 Out Of Stock
Blue Lagoon Set
Blue Lagoon Set Model#: SBT-BLUE LAGOON SET1

New Ink Set

$130.00 In Stock
KN95 Face Mask
KN95 Face Mask Model#: KN95-FACE-MASK-2

Get added protection with our 4 Layers of protective filtration face mask. Does not irritate the skin and comfortable and soft.

$10.00 - $60.00
Flite X1 by Inkjecta (Stealth)
Flite X1 by Inkjecta (Stealth) Model#: INKJECTA-FLITE-X1-STL

The newest wireless battery powered rotary by Inkjecta.

$1,590.00 1 In Stock
Cheyenne Capillary Cartridges
Cheyenne Capillary Cartridges Model#: CH-3CL-0.25-20

NOW Available!

$53.00 - $59.00
Hand Poke Tool
Hand Poke Tool Model#: HANDPOKE-TOOL-RED

Adjustable Hand Tool Grip for STICK & POKE.

Exo Pen
Exo Pen Model#: FK-EXO-ST-4.0

Get your Exo today, with the power of the wireless with the wire option put into 1. The best of both worlds.

$965.00 - $1,510.00
Blaq Paq Commuter (Big Sleeps)
Blaq Paq Commuter (Big Sleeps) Model#: BLAQPAQ-COMMUTER-BS

Sullen Blaq Paq Commuter BIG SLEEPS Edition.

$100.00 Out Of Stock
Easy Touch ET2 Tattoo Power Supply
Easy Touch ET2 Tattoo Power Supply Model#: PS-ET2-W

Compact with new unparalleled touch screen technology ET2

$160.00 In Stock
Disposable Workstation
Disposable Workstation Model#: DISPOSABLE-TRAYSTATION

Disposable 1 time use workstation. Can hold your Pen, Inks, Water, A&D, & Cartridges.

$12.99 In Stock

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