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Magneto Power Cord System
Magneto Power Cord System Model#: TMPC-MAGNETO-CORD

Easily connect your machine with a safe and sturdy magnetic connection.

$10.00 - $17.00

Change your RCA connection to a Clip Cord connection

$10.00 In Stock
Dot Box System
Dot Box System Model#: DOTBOX-BLK

This system give you better control when doing dot work. The dot box intermittent power output can be adjusted to match your hand speed with 6 different speeds.

Clip Cord
Clip Cord Model#: TMPC1

Premium tattoo machine clip cord.

$13.00 In Stock
Model#: TMPC-1B
Model#: TMPC-1B Model#: TMPC1-B

Premium tattoo machine clip cord.

$13.00 In Stock
Premium Silicon Clip Cord
Premium Silicon Clip Cord Model#: TMPC-RED-S

This premium clip cord uses a flexible L bracket and has has positive and negative indicator.


Clip Cords

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