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Mini Digital Power Unit
Mini Digital Power Unit Model#: PS-MINI BOX-P

This compact mini power digital power unit has a magnetic backing and also a built on/off switch. (Available in Black and Pink)

Radical Mini Power Unit
Radical Mini Power Unit Model#: RADICAL-MINI-CH

This power unit is powerful and compact.

Kamon Power Supply
Kamon Power Supply Model#: PS-KAMON

Run up to 2 machines with a magnetic stand that allows you to mount and turn your power unit in any direction/angle.

$215.00 In Stock
Bronc Power Supply
Bronc Power Supply Model#: PS-BRONC

CNCed from aluminum, and include a magnetic mount to stick it to any metal surface. This machine has smart sensors buttons to operate the power unit.

$220.00 In Stock
Mag Power Supply
Mag Power Supply Model#: PS-MAG FORCE-SILVER

Will work with Cheyenne, can run 2 machines, with continuous foot pedal mode. It also has a magnetic bottom so it can stick to metal surface.

Atom X Power Supply
Atom X Power Supply Model#: CT-ATOM-X-SILVER

The digital version of the popular Atom. Compatible with all coil and rotary machines. Jump start enabled for hard starting rotaries. Mountable to any metal surface.

Cyclone 3 Smart Touch
Cyclone 3 Smart Touch Model#: PS-CYCLONE 3.0

The screen has a sensor that can detect when your finger is on the sensor. Also includes suction and magnet mounts.

$190.00 In Stock
Cyclone 2 Digital Power Unit
Cyclone 2 Digital Power Unit Model#: PS-CYCLONE 2.0

Full digital display, also includes clock and stop watch & available in 6 different packages.

$135.00 In Stock
Cyclone 360 LCD Power Unit
Cyclone 360 LCD Power Unit Model#: PS-CYCLONE

Cyclone® 360 10-turn LCD tattoo power supply unit.

$85.00 List Price:$115.00 You Save: $30.00 (26%) In Stock
Double output digital power supply
Double output digital power supply Model#: PS-C3

This power supply can run 2 machines at the same time.

$60.00 In Stock
Replacement Power Cord
Replacement Power Cord Model#: POWERCORD-3PRONG

Available in 2 & 3 prong power cord


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