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Atom X Power Supply
Atom X Power Supply Model#: CT-ATOM-X-BLACK

The digital version of the popular Atom. Compatible with all coil and rotary machines. Jump start enabled for hard starting rotaries. Mountable to any metal surface.

Sabre Vault Power Supply
Sabre Vault Power Supply Model#: PS-SABRE-BLACK

This power supplies utilizes switch mode technology, BioCote® antimicrobial technology. Available in 7 Colors. Designed & manufactured in the UK.

i Power Bluetooth Power Supply
i Power Bluetooth Power Supply Model#: PS-iPOWER (Black)

Controlled by bluetooth to your mobile device. It can also be connected manually through a pedal.

$305.00 Out Of Stock
iPower Watch Power Supply
iPower Watch Power Supply Model#: IPOWER-WATCH-BLACK

The first portable power supply that fits on your wrist with 5 different voltage settings.

$15.00 - $175.00
Cyclone 3 Smart Touch
Cyclone 3 Smart Touch Model#: PS-CYCLONE 3.0

The screen has a sensor that can detect when your finger is on the sensor. Also includes suction and magnet mounts.

$190.00 In Stock
Cyclone 2 Digital Power Unit
Cyclone 2 Digital Power Unit Model#: PS-CYCLONE 2.0

Full digital display, also includes clock and stop watch & available in 6 different packages.

$135.00 In Stock
Cyclone 1 Mini Digital
Cyclone 1 Mini Digital Model#: CYCLONE1.0 BLACK

Full digital display. the smaller size of our other cyclone 2 & 3, without a few features. Available in 3 colors.

Cyclone 360 LCD Power Unit
Cyclone 360 LCD Power Unit Model#: PS-CYCLONE

Cyclone® 360 10-turn LCD tattoo power supply unit.

$115.00 In Stock
Double output digital power supply
Double output digital power supply Model#: PS-C3

This power supply can run 2 machines at the same time.

$60.00 In Stock
PS128-LCD Power Unit
PS128-LCD Power Unit Model#: PS128-LCD

PS128-LCD Power Unit

$75.00 Out Of Stock
Replacement Power Cord
Replacement Power Cord Model#: POWERCORD-2PRONG

Available in 2 & 3 prong power cord


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