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Keep It Wet Solution
Keep It Wet Solution Model#: EI-KIW1

Keep your inks fresh and lasting longer. Can be used to also thin out your ink.

$5.00 - $8.00
Bryan Sanchez Set
Bryan Sanchez Set Model#: EI-BRYAN1

Sanchez selected 12 extraordinary colors that smoothly transition from hue to hue without losing any of their bold, dynamic impact

$165.00 In Stock
Kelly Doty Set
Kelly Doty Set Model#: EI-KELLY1

Kelly Doty stepped up to resurrect these four lost hues.

$58.00 In Stock
Goran Micic Set
Goran Micic Set Model#: EI-GORAN MICIC SET

Goran Micic Artist's Pallete

$105.00 In Stock
Andrea Afferni Portrait Set
Andrea Afferni Portrait Set Model#: EI-AA PORTRAIT

Andrea Afferni Portrait Set is mixed to Eternal Ink's impeccable standard of ink consistency and color-match excellence.

$140.00 In Stock
Eternal Neutral Gray Set
Eternal Neutral Gray Set Model#: EI-NEUTRAL GRAY SET

For the black & gray artist looking to create a smooth opaque gradation, these four inks are evenly spaced at 20%, 40%, 60% and 80% of black on the value scale.

$54.00 Out Of Stock
Marshall Bennett Gray Wash Set
Marshall Bennett Gray Wash Set Model#: EI-MB-GW1

Signature gray wash set designed by Marshall Bennett.

$41.00 - $115.00
Halo Fifth Dimension Set
Halo Fifth Dimension Set Model#: EI-HALO-SET

Pastel Colours

$165.00 In Stock
Motor City Set
Motor City Set Model#: EI-MOTOR CITY-SET

Inspired by vintage sheet metal fantasies, high gloss paint and all the reckless joys of a fine ride.

$160.00 In Stock
Eternal Frank La Natra Set
Eternal Frank La Natra Set Model#: EI-FRANK

This inks set focuses on landscapes and atmospheric effects.

$165.00 In Stock
Myke Chambers Signature Set
Myke Chambers Signature Set Model#: EI-MYKE CHAMBERS-SET

Myke Chambers has evolved a unique brand of Traditional Americana tattoo art.

$165.00 Out Of Stock
Artist's Palette (Dan Pemble)
Artist's Palette (Dan Pemble) Model#: EI-DAN PEMBLE

Dan Pemble favorite 5 eternal ink colors

$69.00 Out Of Stock
Rember Signature Set
Rember Signature Set Model#: EI-REMBER-SET

Tattoo artist Rember Orellana has developed a style best described as surrealistic gothic.

$140.00 In Stock
Rich Pineda Flesh To Death Signature Series
Rich Pineda Flesh To Death Signature Series Model#: EI-RICH PINEDA-SET

Tattoo artist Rich Pineda packs his stunning portraits with the colorful warmth of life.

$165.00 In Stock
Seasonal Spectrum Set
Seasonal Spectrum Set Model#: EI-SPECTRUM-SET

Seasonal Spectrum Set

$165.00 Out Of Stock
Jess Yen Set
Jess Yen Set Model#: EI-JESS YEN-SET

Jess Yen Set

$555.00 Out Of Stock
M Series by Mike Devries & Mario Rosenau
M Series by Mike Devries & Mario Rosenau Model#: EI-MSERIES

Due to the difference in computer monitor settings, these color charts are only representations of the actual pigment. Some colors may vary slightly from the actual product.

$165.00 Out Of Stock
Portrait Skin Tone Collection
Portrait Skin Tone Collection Model#: EI-PORTRAIT-SET05

Our portrait set has been designed to give depth and contrast to portrait work. With warm and cool tones, this set blends a perfect assortment of colors for portrait and pin-up work. The cool tones provide a dynamic contrast to the flesh hues for additional vibrancy.

$85.00 - $160.00
Eternal Levgen Set
Eternal Levgen Set Model#: EI-LEVGEN

Eugene Knysh (Levgen) has selected a set of Eternal Ink colors that capture the vibrant intensity seen in his art.

$160.00 In Stock
Liz Cook Series
Liz Cook Series Model#: EI-LC-SET

New Color designed by the amazing artist Liz Cook. This set features a well rounded collection of pigments containing neutral tones, vibrant violets, as well as some eye-catching greens.

$165.00 In Stock
Muted Earth Tones Set
Muted Earth Tones Set Model#: EI-EARTHTONE-SET

A great addition to your existing set of Eternal Ink! Save yourself time not having to hassle with mixing different shades of your ink.

$160.00 In Stock
Zombie Color Set
Zombie Color Set Model#: EI-ZOMBIE-SET

A very dark collection of flesh-tone browns, muddy reds and dirty purple. These colors are very versatile, from one of the best flesh tones we have ever seen to a great Frostbite Blue that can't be duplicated, this set is a great addition to any set of ink.

$160.00 In Stock
Gray Wash Set
Gray Wash Set Model#: EI-GW-DARKEST

Gray Wash Set

$30.00 - $130.00

Eternal Ink Sets & Black Ink

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