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Nuto Pen
Nuto Pen Model#: Nuto Pen with 3 boxes of Expired Nuto cartridges for Practice ONLY

For the best user experience with Nuto Cartridges, it is recommended to use the New Nuto Pen. The Nuto Pen has a sleek simple design for those who prefer a smaller grip. Pen Diameter is 3/4".

$150.00 In Stock
Eclipse Version 3 Stencil Machine
Eclipse Version 3 Stencil Machine Model#: ECLIPSE3-A4

The latest version of our Eclipse® series stencil machines. Our 3rd generation work even better then our popular version 2.

$960.00 - $1,180.00
Nuto Magnetic Cartridge Needles
Nuto Magnetic Cartridge Needles Model#: NUTO-MIXED (Expired)

A new innovation to the cartridge system.

$5.00 List Price:$35.00 You Save: $30.00 (86%) In Stock
Nuto Magnetic Round Liner Cartridges
Nuto Magnetic Round Liner Cartridges Model#: NUTO-1203RL

These cartridge needle us a special push and pull mechanism. The magnet connection eliminates the stress on motor

$10.00 List Price:$20.00 You Save: $10.00 (50%)
Curved Magnums
Curved Magnums Model#: RC1205M1T

High performance Needle Cartridges with membranes by Radical

$33.50 - $35.00
UltraDerm Film Bandage
UltraDerm Film Bandage Model#: ULTRADERM-15ROLL

Helps keep you tattoos clean and helps skin heal. Available in 2 roll size and 2 flat sheets.

$3.00 - $42.00
Blue Soap

The newest cleaning and soothing solution for tattoo procedures. Manufactured by TATLAB INC.

$3.00 - $65.00
Opaque Gray Light
Opaque Gray Light Model#: RAW-OGL1/2

The finest quality pigments and vegan.

$10.00 - $16.50
Blood Model#: RAW-B1/2

The finest quality pigments and vegan.

$10.00 - $16.50

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