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Keep It Wet Solution
Keep It Wet Solution Model#: EI-KIW1

Keep your inks fresh and lasting longer. Can be used to also thin out your ink.

$6.75 - $9.50
Bryan Sanchez Set
Bryan Sanchez Set Model#: EI-BRYAN1

Sanchez selected 12 extraordinary colors that smoothly transition from hue to hue without losing any of their bold, dynamic impact

$210.00 In Stock
Kelly Doty Set
Kelly Doty Set Model#: EI-KELLY1

Kelly Doty stepped up to resurrect these four lost hues.

$70.00 In Stock
Eternal Mike DeVries Perfect Storm Set
Eternal Mike DeVries Perfect Storm Set Model#: EI-Perfect Strom

The Eternal Perfect Storm set has been designed by Mike DeVries. Mike is well known for his rich, realistic tattoos and he has used his unique sense of colour to create these inks with the hues of extreme weather.

$105.00 In Stock
Goran Micic Set
Goran Micic Set Model#: EI-GORAN MICIC SET

Goran Micic Artist's Pallete

$135.00 In Stock
Andrea Afferni Portrait Set
Andrea Afferni Portrait Set Model#: EI-AA PORTRAIT

Andrea Afferni Portrait Set is mixed to Eternal Ink's impeccable standard of ink consistency and color-match excellence.

$175.00 In Stock
Eternal Neutral Gray Set
Eternal Neutral Gray Set Model#: EI-NEUTRAL GRAY SET

For the black & gray artist looking to create a smooth opaque gradation, these four inks are evenly spaced at 20%, 40%, 60% and 80% of black on the value scale.

$68.00 In Stock
Marshall Bennett Gray Wash Set
Marshall Bennett Gray Wash Set Model#: EI-MB-GW1

Signature gray wash set designed by Marshall Bennett.

$50.00 - $144.00
Gray Wash Set
Gray Wash Set Model#: EI-GW-DARK

Gray Wash Set

$36.00 - $160.00
Halo Fifth Dimension Set
Halo Fifth Dimension Set Model#: EI-HALO-SET

Pastel Colours

$210.00 In Stock
Motor City Set
Motor City Set Model#: EI-MOTOR CITY-SET

Inspired by vintage sheet metal fantasies, high gloss paint and all the reckless joys of a fine ride.

$205.00 In Stock
Eternal Frank La Natra Set
Eternal Frank La Natra Set Model#: EI-FRANK

This inks set focuses on landscapes and atmospheric effects.

$210.00 In Stock
Myke Chambers Signature Set
Myke Chambers Signature Set Model#: EI-MYKE CHAMBERS-SET

Myke Chambers has evolved a unique brand of Traditional Americana tattoo art.

$210.00 Out Of Stock
Artist's Palette (Dan Pemble)
Artist's Palette (Dan Pemble) Model#: EI-DAN PEMBLE

Dan Pemble favorite 5 eternal ink colors

$80.00 In Stock
Rember Signature Set
Rember Signature Set Model#: EI-REMBER-SET

Tattoo artist Rember Orellana has developed a style best described as surrealistic gothic.

$175.00 In Stock
Flesh To Death Rich Pineda Signature Series
Flesh To Death Rich Pineda Signature Series Model#: EI-RICH PINEDA-SET

Tattoo artist Rich Pineda packs his stunning portraits with the colorful warmth of life.

$210.00 In Stock
Seasonal Spectrum Set
Seasonal Spectrum Set Model#: EI-SPECTRUM-SET

Seasonal Spectrum Set

$210.00 In Stock
Jess Yen Set
Jess Yen Set Model#: EI-JESS YEN-SET

Jess Yen Set

$740.00 Out Of Stock
M Series by Mike Devries & Mario Rosenau
M Series by Mike Devries & Mario Rosenau Model#: EI-MSERIES

Due to the difference in computer monitor settings, these color charts are only representations of the actual pigment. Some colors may vary slightly from the actual product.

$210.00 1 In Stock
Portrait Skin Tone Collection
Portrait Skin Tone Collection Model#: EI-PORTRAIT-SET

Our portrait set has been designed to give depth and contrast to portrait work. With warm and cool tones, this set blends a perfect assortment of colors for portrait and pin-up work. The cool tones provide a dynamic contrast to the flesh hues for additional vibrancy.

$205.00 1 In Stock
Liz Cook Series
Liz Cook Series Model#: EI-LC-SET

New Color designed by the amazing artist Liz Cook. This set features a well rounded collection of pigments containing neutral tones, vibrant violets, as well as some eye-catching greens.

$210.00 In Stock
Muted Earth Tones Set
Muted Earth Tones Set Model#: EI-EARTHTONE-SET

A great addition to your existing set of Eternal Ink! Save yourself time not having to hassle with mixing different shades of your ink.

$205.00 In Stock
Zombie Color Set
Zombie Color Set Model#: EI-ZOMBIE-SET

A very dark collection of flesh-tone browns, muddy reds and dirty purple. These colors are very versatile, from one of the best flesh tones we have ever seen to a great Frostbite Blue that can't be duplicated, this set is a great addition to any set of ink.

$205.00 In Stock

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