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Fat Grip Sleeve
Fat Grip Sleeve Model#: CARTGRIP2-29-BLACK

For those that want a fatter grip for there Cheyenne motors. These also have the needle depth adjustment with a quick twist.

Cheyenne Grip Sleeves
Cheyenne Grip Sleeves Model#: CH-GRIP1-BLK

Cheyenne Grip Sleeves

$190.00 - $200.00
Cheyenne HAWK Flex Grip 1"
Cheyenne HAWK Flex Grip 1" Model#: CH-FLEXGRIP1-BLK

Cheyenne HAWK Flex Grip 1"

$230.00 Out Of Stock
Cheyenne Fixed Grip
Cheyenne Fixed Grip Model#: CH-FIXED-GRIP

Cheyenne Fixed Grip

$35.00 Out Of Stock
Cartridge Grip Adapter
Cartridge Grip Adapter Model#: CARTRDIGEGRIP-ADAPTER

This attachments allow you to use regular grips or disposable tubes for your Cheyenne.

$12.00 In Stock

Cheyenne Grips

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