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Silicon Heart Ink Cups
Silicon Heart Ink Cups Model#: CUP-HEART-SI-PINK

Soft silicon HEART shaped #12 ink cups. Sold in bag of 100pcs: Pink or Mixed color.

Plastic Skull Ink Cups
Plastic Skull Ink Cups Model#: CUP-SKULL-SI-MIX

Skull shaped #10 plastic ink cups, 200pcs mixed white/black.

$10.00 In Stock
Ink Cups
Ink Cups Model#: 8100

Standard ink cups that can be used with a ink cup holder. These are non self standing.

$2.50 - $9.00
WWT Ink Cups
WWT Ink Cups Model#: 9500N-Clear

These ink cups have a flat bottom which allows them to stand by by themselves.

$3.00 - $10.00
Ultra Ink Cups
Ultra Ink Cups Model#: 24100U

New rounded bottom ink well, to reduce the chance of needle poke.

$3.00 - $12.00
Silicon Suction Ink Cups
Silicon Suction Ink Cups Model#: 12100-SI-MIX

These soft ink cups stick to any smoother surface. Does not damage the needle head if you hit the bottom.

Pro Cup Single
Pro Cup Single Model#: PRO-CUP

Pro Cups the world's finest instrument to clean, blend, dry, or dilute ink in seconds while tattooing.

$3.50 Out Of Stock
Tattoo Ink Rack
Tattoo Ink Rack Model#: INKRACK-CLR

Holds up to 50 bottles and can we mounted to wall or other flat surfaces.

Cap Rack
Cap Rack Model#: CAPRACK-10MM

Save time and money with our Cap Racks. Easy to store and cut our caps to the amount need for your session

Disposable Workstation
Disposable Workstation Model#: DISPOSABLE-TRAYSTATION

Disposable 1 time use workstation. Can hold your Pen, Inks, Water, A&D, & Cartridges.

$12.99 In Stock
X-Large Disposable Workstation
X-Large Disposable Workstation Model#: DISPOSABLE-TRAYSTATION-XL

This disposable workstation has it all. Includes sliding cartridge holder and cleaning sponge to clean your needle head.

$30.00 In Stock
Pigment Mixer
Pigment Mixer Model#: PM

Battery powered tattoo ink mixer. Disposable mixing sticks sold separately.

$2.00 - $20.00
Solidus Powder
Solidus Powder Model#: SOLIDUS

The most powerful solidifying powder to clean up your ink cups and wash cups.

$10.00 In Stock
Vortex Ink Shaker
Vortex Ink Shaker Model#: VORTEX-SHAKER

Electric Tattoo Pigment Ink Mixer Machine 5200 RPM Activates by adding pressure onto the soft gel plate. When activated the plate vibrates. The more pressure used to push down on the plate, the faster the it vibrates.

$60.00 In Stock
Konect Ink Cups
Konect Ink Cups Model#: 12100-KONECT

These square shape ink cups allows you to connect them together with specialize slide connects on the side of the inks cups.

$5.00 In Stock
Acrylic Ink Cup Holder
Acrylic Ink Cup Holder Model#: 916-XL2

Holds up to 3 different size ink cups & rinse cup. Mount to any metal surface with the built in magnet.

$19.00 In Stock
Metal Ink Cup Holder
Metal Ink Cup Holder Model#: ST3

Steel ink cup holders, available in 2 styles

$4.00 - $8.00
Glass Marbles
Glass Marbles Model#: TA-BALL

Glass Marbles

$6.50 Out Of Stock