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Wireless Foot Pedal
Wireless Foot Pedal Model#: TMFS-WIRELESS

Get rid of the cord and get one of our new wireless foot pedals.

$60.00 In Stock
Push Start Power Supply Switch
Push Start Power Supply Switch Model#: TMFSWIT-PLUG

Tired of using foot pedals, Try our new push start or flick switch

$10.00 - $12.00
Basic Foot Pedal
Basic Foot Pedal Model#: TMFS1-C

Basic foot pedal with standard copper wires & 5 feet long.

$15.00 Out Of Stock
Gem Foot Pedal
Gem Foot Pedal Model#: TMFSR1

Heavy duty and heavy weighted foot pedal.

$45.00 In Stock
Sabre Foot Switch
Sabre Foot Switch Model#: SABRE-PEDAL-BLACK

A robust foot switch built to last. The large work area can be activated with only the slightest touch.

$130.00 In Stock
Mini Flat Foot Pedal
Mini Flat Foot Pedal Model#: TMFS-MINI

This foot pedal stand no higher then 0.25" inch.

$15.00 In Stock
Ultra Thin Foot Pedal #2
Ultra Thin Foot Pedal #2 Model#: TMFS-MINI2

New & Improved model with a non slip base

$18.00 In Stock
Square Foot Pedal
Square Foot Pedal Model#: TMFS1

Square Foot Pedal with premium copper wires & 8 Feet Long.

$18.00 In Stock
Slim Skull Foot Pedal
Slim Skull Foot Pedal Model#: TMFS-SKULL-BLK

A slim and very strong foot pedal in the shape of a skull. Comes in 3 different colors. (Phono Plug)

Liberator Foot Pedal
Liberator Foot Pedal Model#: TMFS-LIBERATOR-BLACK

This wide thin pedal has the most sensitive switch which can be turned on 360 degree. 5.5 inches wide and stand 0.50" inch tall.

Foot Pedal Cross
Foot Pedal Cross Model#: TMFSR-CROSS-BRONZE

Foot Pedal Cross

Gem Foot Pedal & Clip Cord Combo (Phono Plug)
Gem Foot Pedal & Clip Cord Combo (Phono Plug) Model#: TMFSRSET1

Gem Foot Pedal & Clip Cord Combo (Phono Plug)

$55.00 In Stock