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3D Face Practice Skin
3D Face Practice Skin Model#: 3D Face Practice Skin

Originally used for permanent make up, but can be used for tattooing also.

$10.00 In Stock
Tube Heads
Tube Heads Model#: PM-HEAD-8MM (For PM-01 and PM-02)

Fits on both Aphrodite & Cleopatra machines

Ring Cap
Ring Cap Model#: PM-RINGCAP

Ring Cap

$25.00 In Stock
Microbrushes Model#: MB100

Sold in 100-packs and 25-packs

$8.50 Out Of Stock
Eyebrow and Lip Practice Skin
Eyebrow and Lip Practice Skin Model#: PM-SKIN

Eyebrow and Lip Practice Skin

$8.00 In Stock
3-D Eye/Eyebrow Practice Canvas
3-D Eye/Eyebrow Practice Canvas Model#: PM-3DSKIN-EYE

3-D Eye/Eyebrow Practice Canvas

$16.00 In Stock
3-D Lip Practice Canvas
3-D Lip Practice Canvas Model#: PM-3DSKIN-LIP

3-D Lip Practice Canvas

$11.00 In Stock
Permanent Makeup Power Supply
Permanent Makeup Power Supply Model#: PM-POWER

Lightweight Power Supply For Permanent Makeup

$39.00 In Stock