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Biodegradable Covers
Biodegradable Covers Model#: DE-CLIPCORD COVER

Go Green, with our New Biodegradable machine & clip cord covers

$9.00 - $10.00
Clip Cord Covers
Clip Cord Covers Model#: TMPC-COVER-ROLL

To cover and protect your machine power cord from cross contamination.

$13.00 - $39.00
Tattoo Machine Covers
Tattoo Machine Covers Model#: TM-COVER

To cover and protect your machine from cross contamination.

$11.00 In Stock
Squeeze Bottle Bag Covers
Squeeze Bottle Bag Covers Model#: SQZ-BAG

To cover and protect your squeeze & spray from cross contamination.

$11.00 - $25.00
Equipment Cover Combo
Equipment Cover Combo Model#: TMPC & TM & SQZ Cover Combo

All the main equipment barrier cover you would need.

$35.00 Out Of Stock
Barrier Film
Barrier Film Model#: BF-1200 (Blue)

This film has a non damaging adhesive that sticks to any surface. This will protect the surface you have this on.

$20.00 In Stock
Sleeves Model#: SLV50

Keep your cloths clean and sterile with Disposable Sleeves.

$5.00 Out Of Stock
Aprons Model#: APRON

Protect your cloths from the ink stains, virus and bacteria.

$35.00 Out Of Stock


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