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Cheyenne Hawk Pen

Item #: CH-PEN

The brand new Cheyenne HAWK PEN! Be one of the first to get your hands on another revolutionary step in tattooing.

Technical Information:
* Type: Cheyenne HAWK PEN
* Operating voltage: 5 - 13 V DC
* Power input: 15 VA
* Stitch frequency: 55 - 165 Hz
* Stroke: 3,5 mm
* Needle protrusion: 0 - 4,5 mm
* Connection: 3,5 mm Jack plug
* Propulsion: Precision DC motor
* Operating mode: Continuous operation

Recommended Operating Conditions:
* Ambient temperature: +10 °C to +35 °C
* Relative humidity: 30 % to 75 %

Pen Dimensions:
* Diameter x Length: 25,4 x 123 mm
* Weight: ca. 130 g

Cheyenne Hawk PEN comes complete with a 25MM Hawk PEN Grip, connection cable, PEN holder (PEN Tray) and manual.
The HAWK PEN can of course be used with the current Cheyenne cartridge system and can be operated with the PU I, PU II and the cables of the Thunder and the Spirit.

Warranty Information: Cheyenne provides a one-year
warranty on their machines. Please contact the manufacturer directly if you experience any malfunctions within one year of the purchase date.

**No returns or refunds. Purchase is final sale.**

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