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Vincent Tattoo Machine Coils
Vincent Tattoo Machine Coils Model#: TMVC-COIL-AL

Vincent Tattoo Machine Coils

Blue Soap

The newest cleaning and soothing solution for tattoo procedures. Manufactured by TATLAB INC.

$2.00 - $50.00
Stencil Stick
Stencil Stick Model#: STENCIL-STICK

The best and easiest way to apply your stencil from the makers of Blue Soap.

$10.00 - $105.00
Tat Tech Stool
Tat Tech Stool Model#: TATTECH-STOOL-RED

This ergonomic stool is available in 2 colors: red & black.

Armrest Pro
Armrest Pro Model#: ARMREST-3

Tat Tech Professional Armrest and made especially for daily use tattoo artist. Includes a Kit to add your own graphics.

$200.00 In Stock
Cyclone 3 Smart Touch
Cyclone 3 Smart Touch Model#: PS-CYCLONE 3.0

The screen has a sensor that can detect when your finger is on the sensor. Also includes suction and magnet mounts.

$190.00 In Stock
Nose Screw Kit
Nose Screw Kit Model#: N-SCREW-19GCLR-KIT

New complete disposable kit, everything you need for 1 piercing.

$6.00 Out Of Stock
NEW Ultra Thin LED Tracing Light Box
NEW Ultra Thin LED Tracing Light Box Model#: LIGHT-BOX-A4-BLACK

NEW & Improved Light Box. Only 1/4" Inch thick, and stands 1.25" Inch tall. Includes additional tilting legs to prop it up in 2 angles.

$60.00 Out Of Stock
Tattoo Clip Lamp with LED Lights
Tattoo Clip Lamp with LED Lights Model#: TM-DESKLAMP

Clips onto to variety of tattoo armrest, table, & work station. with a long 32" inch long neck light.

$65.00 In Stock
Stealth 2.0 (Grey)
Stealth 2.0 (Grey) Model#: STEALTH2-SET (GREY)

New improved fluid design & high performance motor. Also now equipped with both clip cord and RCA connections.

$180.00 In Stock
The Manuscript
The Manuscript Model#: BOOK-MANUSCRIPT

A collection of lettering for tattoo reference and creative inspiration from Los Angeles tattoo artist "Huero"

$78.00 In Stock
Rotary Series
Rotary Series Model#: TMVC-ROTARY1

A great addition to the VC collection.

$155.00 In Stock
Ultra Ink Cups
Ultra Ink Cups Model#: 16100U

New rounded bottom ink well, to reduce the chance of needle poke.

$3.00 - $12.00
Heavy Liner (A)
Heavy Liner (A) Model#: TMDS-A-HEAVYLINER

8 Wrap Heavy Liner

$90.00 In Stock
Twist Grip
Twist Grip Model#: TWIST-GRIP1 (BLACK)

Adjust your tattoo needle length with a simple twist of the grip.

Aqua Tat
Aqua Tat Model#: H2O-AQUATAT-S

From the makers of H20cean, now making tattoo aftercare.

$8.00 - $13.00
Dark Metal Clash Tattoo Machine
Dark Metal Clash Tattoo Machine Model#: TML-CLASH-WL

Dark Metal Clash Tattoo Machine


The latest additional to our portable traveling armrest.

$130.00 In Stock
Cheyenne Hawk Pen
Cheyenne Hawk Pen Model#: CH-PEN

The NEW Unique Cheyenne Hawk PEN has finally arrived. The Pen uses the Cheyenne cartridge system, and uses the regular Cheyenne cords. The simple design is lighter and easier to use. Great for body and permanent make up tattoos.

Jess Yen Set
Jess Yen Set Model#: EI-JESS YEN-SET

Jess Yen Set

$430.00 In Stock
Tat Tech Armrest Compact
Tat Tech Armrest Compact Model#: ARMREST-4

Tat Tech Professional Compact Travel Armrest. Weighs less then 5 lbs and can fold up into a thickness less then 3.25.

$100.00 - $110.00
Fusion Rotary Series
Fusion Rotary Series Model#: TMVC-FUSION ROTARY

Designed by awarding winning artist Vincent from Taiwan.

$245.00 In Stock
MAGNUM Series Shader
MAGNUM Series Shader Model#: TMVC-MAGNUM

Looking for a machine to handle those large Magnum Shader Needles?

$195.00 In Stock
Round Tip TRIDENT Disposable Tubes
Round Tip TRIDENT Disposable Tubes Model#: RT3-TRIDENT

Round Tip TRIDENT Disposable Tubes

$1.40 - $20.00
TAT-Tech Tray Station
TAT-Tech Tray Station Model#: TATTECH-TRAYSTATION2

This workstation is collapsible and portable. Great for shows or in any shop.

$110.00 Out Of Stock
Blue Green Foam Soap
Blue Green Foam Soap Model#: H2O-BLUEGREEN

Foam soap that is made for customer with fresh tattoos. Keeps your skin healthy and clean.

$8.00 In Stock
Brass Clash Tattoo Machine
Brass Clash Tattoo Machine Model#: TML-CLASH-BL

Brass Clash Tattoo Machine

Chukes' Seasonal Spectrum Set
Chukes' Seasonal Spectrum Set Model#: EI-CHUKES-SET

Chukes' Seasonal Spectrum Set

$275.00 In Stock
Push Start Power Supply Switch
Push Start Power Supply Switch Model#: TMFSWIT-PLUG

Tired of using foot pedals, Try our new push start or flick switch

$10.00 - $12.00
High White
High White Model#: IZ-BTW1

High White

$16.25 In Stock

New Tattoo Products