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Tat Tech Stool
Tat Tech Ergonomic Stool This stool is specially designed to keep the blood circulated in your lower body. This will allow you to work longer and more comfortably. The stool also has a adjustable back rest. You can adjust how far your backrest leans back and can be adjustable up to 10" inches from it upright position. Extra Feature: With our much smaller and more comfortable back rest, you are able to straddle it in the reverse position. This will help for people with back problem or ...
Armrest Pro
This Professional Heavy Duty Armrest can handle the daily use at any tattoo shop. Armrest Pad Size: 10 inch x 18 inch Adjustable Height: 27 inch to 41 inch Armrest Weight: 17lbs Includes: Industrial Grade Clear Film Custom Graphics Kit Heavy Duty Tilt Clamp & Adjustment Clamp
Mini Micro Power Supply
The worlds smallest tattoo power supply unit. This power supply only stand 1" tall and is shorter then a quarter. Available in 3 colors: Red, Silver, & Army Green. Max Voltage: 15 Volts Amps: 1.5 Amps Dimension: 1.5" (W) x 3.25" (L) x 1" (H) Weight: 2.1 oz
Tat Tech Hydraulic Chair
Tat Tech Hydraulic Tattoo Shop chair is Multi Functional. It allows customer to be able to sit, straddle or lay in multiple positions. Extra: You are also given 2 type of head rests & 2 Types of Armrests. Chair Position: Allow your customer to sit up in the chair in multiple angles. The leg cushions also lower an...
Cyclone 3 Smart Touch
The New Cyclone® 3.0 power supply is a upgrade from its predecessor (Cyclone 2.0). The Cyclone 3.0 incorporates a New Smart Touch system. Just place your finger over the button area and it will read your finger touch. Items included: -Cyclone 3 Power Supply- -Mounting Bracket- -2 Leg Brackets- -4psc Suctions Mounts- -4pcs Magnet Mounts- -RCA Cord- -Power Pack & Cord- -Screen Protector-
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