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Enzo Tattoo Pen
Enzo Tattoo Pen Model#: ENZO PEN-B

This Pen can only be used with the Nuto Magnetic Cartridge Needles.

$195.00 In Stock
Vincent Tattoo Machine Coils
Vincent Tattoo Machine Coils Model#: TMVC-COIL-AL

Vincent Tattoo Machine Coils

UltraDerm Film Bandage
UltraDerm Film Bandage Model#: ULTRADERM-15*20

Helps keep you tattoos clean and helps skin heal. Available in 2 roll size and 2 flat sheets.

$1.60 - $42.00
Tat Tech Light Box
Tat Tech Light Box Model#: TATTECH-LIGHT-BOX-A4

As thin as a Apple tablet, but even lighter. This light box is dimmable and super bright. Micro USB connection which can be plugged into anything with USB.

$78.00 - $115.00
Blue Soap

The newest cleaning and soothing solution for tattoo procedures. Manufactured by TATLAB INC.

$2.00 - $50.00
Stencil Stick
Stencil Stick Model#: STENCIL-STICK

The best and easiest way to apply your stencil from the makers of Blue Soap.

$10.00 - $105.00
Cartridge Grip Black
Cartridge Grip Black Model#: CARTRIDGEGRIP-AL-BLA

Aluminum Grip for Cartridge System, but will only fit on a regular tattoo machine, or unless you have an adapter.

$25.00 In Stock
Power Supply Adapter
Power Supply Adapter Model#: CH-ADAPTER

Allows you to use any power supply to power up your Cheyenne Motor or Pen. No more big bulky Start Up Cord.

$18.50 In Stock
Pro Cup Single
Pro Cup Single Model#: PRO-CUP

Pro Cups the world's finest instrument to clean, blend, dry, or dilute ink in seconds while tattooing.

$3.50 In Stock
Sabre Air Rotary (Black)
Sabre Air Rotary (Black) Model#: SABRE-AIR-BLACK

The latest UK Machine from the Innovators at Sabre. The New Sabre Air Rotary Machine.

$310.00 In Stock

Darkest Black

$28.00 In Stock
Radical Pulse Pen
Radical Pulse Pen Model#: RADICAL-PULSE-PEN

From the builders who brought you the Toretto rotary and would be a great machine to your arsenal.

$430.00 In Stock
LED Black Flex Arm Floor Lamp
LED Black Flex Arm Floor Lamp Model#: LAMP-LED

This lamp uses Super Bright, Energy Efficient, and Adjustable LEDs.  Everything can also be controlled with the remote control.

$95.00 In Stock
Zensa Healing Cream
Zensa Healing Cream Model#: HEALING-CREAM-S

Created after 2 years of pharmaceutical formulation work, Zensa Healing Cream is clinically proven and Health Canada certified to reduce itching, inflammation, and scarring post procedure.

$3.00 - $318.75
Tattoo Machine Repair Kit (10 Wrap Coils)
Tattoo Machine Repair Kit (10 Wrap Coils) Model#: TM11-RKIT

Small Repair Kit

$20.00 In Stock
S8 Pocketjet Thermal Printer
S8 Pocketjet Thermal Printer Model#: S8-POCKETJET-USB

The smallest most compact thermal printer. This kit has everything you need. Available in 3 models.

$750.00 - $850.00
Inksane 10 Color Set 1oz
Inksane 10 Color Set 1oz Model#: INKSANE-SET1

Inksane 10 Color Set 1oz

$80.00 In Stock
Jackhammer (Version 1)
Jackhammer (Version 1) Model#: TMS-JACKHAMMER-AL

The Jackhammer (2nd Generation) CNC machined beast of a tattoo machine. Made in brass or aluminum alloy. The Jackhammer has the stability and reliably of a rotary machine along with the power and flexibility of a coil machine.

Hair of the Dog DVD by Bob Tyrrell
Hair of the Dog DVD by Bob Tyrrell Model#: DVD-HAIR-OT-DOG

Black & Grey Dog Portrait Techniques by the master Bob Tyrrell

$120.00 In Stock
Atom X Power Supply
Atom X Power Supply Model#: CT-ATOM-X-BLACK

The digital version of the popular Atom. Compatible with all coil and rotary machines. Jump start enabled for hard starting rotaries. Mountable to any metal surface.

Beyond Liner Needle Cartridges
Beyond Liner Needle Cartridges Model#: BC1401RL

Pre-made needle cartridges on bar. Spend less time and money.

Apprentice Tattoo Pen Kit
Apprentice Tattoo Pen Kit Model#: KIT-PEN

We now offer a Kits with a TATTOO PEN that uses Cartridge Needles.

$225.00 In Stock
Tat Tech Stool
Tat Tech Stool Model#: TATTECH-STOOL-RED

This ergonomic stool is available in 2 colors: red & black.

Armrest Pro
Armrest Pro Model#: ARMREST-3

Tat Tech Professional Armrest and made especially for daily use tattoo artist. Includes a Kit to add your own graphics.

$200.00 Out Of Stock
Tattoo Clip Lamp with LED Lights
Tattoo Clip Lamp with LED Lights Model#: TM-DESKLAMP

Clips onto to variety of tattoo armrest, table, & work station. with a long 32" inch long neck light.

$65.00 In Stock
The Manuscript
The Manuscript Model#: BOOK-MANUSCRIPT

A collection of lettering for tattoo reference and creative inspiration from Los Angeles tattoo artist "Huero"

$78.00 In Stock
Heavy Liner (A)
Heavy Liner (A) Model#: TMDS-A-HEAVYLINER

8 Wrap Heavy Liner

$90.00 In Stock
Twist Grip
Twist Grip Model#: TWIST-GRIP1 (BLACK)

Adjust your tattoo needle length with a simple twist of the grip.

Aqua Tat
Aqua Tat Model#: H2O-AQUATAT-S

From the makers of H20cean, now making tattoo aftercare.

$8.00 - $13.00
Dark Metal Clash Tattoo Machine
Dark Metal Clash Tattoo Machine Model#: TML-CLASH-WL

Dark Metal Clash Tattoo Machine


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