Wireless Tattoo Printer

Item #: PRINTER-White

Wireless Tattoo Printer ATS886
Experience the future of tattoo stencil creation with our Wireless Tattoo Printer ATS886. This state-of-the-art device is designed for professionals seeking convenience and portability without compromising on quality.

Key Features:

  • - Available in two sleek colors: Classic Black and Pristine White

  • - Lightweight design, weighing just 1.1 lbs for easy portability

  • - Compact dimensions of 10.3 (L) × 2.25 (W) × 1.15 (H) inches

  • - High print resolution of 8 dots/mm (203dpi), delivering up to 1728 dots/line

  • - Supports a print width of 8.5 inches, accommodating A4 Thermal Transfer Paper

  • - Equipped with an 11.1V Li-ion, 1200mAh built-in battery, capable of creating up to 200 small stencils or 80 large stencils on a single charge

  • - Power connectivity via a USB-C port

  • - Dual connection options: USB-C for computers and Bluetooth 5.0 for tablets/cell phones

  • - LED indicator system for easy monitoring of battery and operational status

  • - Convenient Feed Button for easy paper feeding and jam clearance

LED Indicator Guide:

  • - Green LED: High battery level

  • - Showered LED: Medium battery level

  • - Flashing Red LED: Low battery level or printer error

  • - LED On: Charging

  • - LED Off: Fully charged or printer in normal state

Note: Please be aware that there is no warranty on this machine.

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