iPower Watch Power Supply

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The Ipower Watch goal is to remove the unnecessary external power source and eliminates the long wire at your work station, while providing exceptional power supply output to your tattoo machine.

The Ipower watch attaches to your wrist, & with a simple push of the button you can adjust your voltage to 5 different settings: 5-Volt, 6.5-Volt, 8-Volt, 9.5-Volt, & 11-Volt

It also includes: 1) Machine Cord, 2) Charging Cord, & 6 Attachment (The 2 most popular attachment is the RCA & Cheyenne attachment)

Battery Power Run Time:
Cheyenne Motor or Pen: 4-5 hours
Rotary Machine: 6-7 Hours
(2 Hours to fully charge your IPower Watch)

Special Note: Will not work long on a Coil Machine so we suggest only rotary style machines.

Includes 6 month warranty through the manufacture. You will need to contact them and may be responsible for postage to them.

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