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Custom Pen Machine Kit


Custom Pen Machine Kit - We now offer a Pen kit where you can select your Pen and additional accessories. Select from 4 of our most popular and well priced tattoo pens.

Items Included:

Tattoo Pen (Select from 4 Different Pens Styles)
Power Supply
Foot Pedal
Latex Gloves (1 Pair)
Ink Cups
Practice Skin
Tattoo Ink Set (10-Pack)
Blue Soap 1-oz (Concentrated)
A&D Ointment (2-Packets)
Stencil Solution 1-oz
Hand Use Stencil Paper (5-Sheets)
Dental Bibs (5-Sheets)
Travel Case
Sample Pack Cartridge Needles (20-Needles)
Cartridge Holder Tray (5-Pack)

Multi Accessories: (Optional & Sold Separately)

Stencil Paper (20-Sheets)
Skin Marking Pen
Latex Gloves
Cohesive Bandage Wrap
Squeeze Bottle

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