Cheyenne Power Supply #2
  • Cheyenne Power Supply #2

Cheyenne Power Supply #2

Item #: CH-PS2

Cheyenne Power Supply PU 2

Items Includes:
1) Power Unit
2) Wall Power Supply

With the POWER UNIT II, you have the option to directly connect two tattoo machines at the same time and alternating between them. The PU2 has a built in jump-start Starter Cable Chip. Special Starter Cable not required. The PU2 has a button to run your tattoo machine with out a foot pedal. When using this button, take note that you will have to physically press the button every time you want to start or stop your tattoo machine.

The machine works with Spirit, Thunder, & Hawk Machines. The machine is digital with fast & simple adjustment levels. The power supply is small and lightweight and easy to clean.

The Cheyenne Power Supply PU2 won't have any problems to start and run your new Thunder. The new integrated board makes it possible to start the machine with 4-6V.

If you decide to purchase the Cheyenne Foot pedal, tattoo machines will run constantly just by pressing the foot pedal once. To stop the tattoo machine from running, press the foot once more.

Special Note: No Returns accepted unless the item is still sealed with original Cheyenne Seal. If the item is opened, even if it was just to inspect the item it can not be returned.

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