T2 Ultra 3 Wireless Tattoo Pen

Item #: T2-ULTRA3-GRAY

The T2 Ultra 3 Wireless Tattoo Pen

What's Inside the Box:

- T2 Ultra 3 Wireless Tattoo Pen
- Pen Size: 5.25-inch long
- 4.2mm swing
- 0-4.5mm needle protrusion
- 2 rechargeable batteries 18500mAh (Run time: 5-10 hours, Charge time: 2-3 hours)
- Charging dock
- OLED liquid crystal display
- Changeable center ring color (Options: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, sky blue, & purple)
- Grips on machine: 1.25-inch tapered tip in hexagon shape
- Additional Grip: 1.50-inch tapered tip in hexagon shape
- 6-month limited warranty

The T2 Ultra 3 provides a 4.2mm swing and a needle protrusion of 4.5mm for impeccable line work and shading. Equipped with two rechargeable 18500mAh batteries, this powerhouse of a machine ensures you can tattoo for extended sessions, offering a run time of 5-10 hours and a quick charge time of just 2-3 hours.

The device comes with a customizable center ring; change its color to match your vibe, from red to purple. The ergonomic design features a 1.25-inch grip that tapers down to a hexagonal shape for enhanced comfort. Want a bigger grip? No worries—another 1.5-inch grip is also included in the package, and both come with additional O-ring grips for that extra hold.

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