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Stealth Battery


The Stealth Universal Battery Pack
This is a fantastic solution to make your tattoo machine turn into a WIRELESS tattoo machine. Works well with both Cheyenne Machines and RCA style machines such as FK-Flux and Bishop Wand.

Brand : Stealth
Display: Digital Display with Touch Sensor buttons
Voltage: You can adjust up to 1 decimal and max voltage of: 12 volts.
Connection: RCA and 3.5mm Cheyenne Connections (compatible with High End machines such as the Bishop Wand and Cheyenne Pens).
Colors: Available in: Black, Grey, & Blue
Battery Life: 6-8 Hours
Charge Time: 3 Hours
Battery Weight: 3.1oz
Battery Size: 3 Inches Tall and with a 1.25" diameter
Charger Connection: USB-C (charging cord not included)
Warranty: Limited 6 Month warranty