Magneto Power Cord System
  • Magneto Power Cord System

Magneto Power Cord System


The Magneto Power Cord System

Easily connect your machine with a magnetic connection. The magnetic head has 3 types: RCA, DC, & Clip Cord.

With this system you can leave the magnetic head on your machine and easily and safely connect it with your Magneto Cord.

Stop worrying about your cord pulling on your power supply and damaging the cord. The magnet will safely and easily disconnect when you pull on it.

All Items sold separately:

- Magneto POWER CORD is 6.6 feet long (No Head included)
- RCA Magneto Head
- DC Magneto Head
- CLIP CORD Magneto Head
(Note for Clip Cord Head : Spacing should between connections should be be 3/4" to 1" to fit properly)