Enzo Battery & Pedal System


Brand - Enzo
Display- Digital display show: voltage, battery %.
Battery Life - 6 Hour Run time
Charge Time - 2 hour charge time, always plug into wall charger. It will charge faster then if you plug into computer.
Voltage - Adjustable from 1-Volts to 12-Volts with 0.1 V increments
Machine Connection - RCA, DC, & Cheyenne Connection.
Compatibility - Can only be used on Rotary Machine or Tattoo Pen. (Does not work on coil machines)
Power - 2000 mAH capacity also includes a micro USB charging wire (no wall adapter)

Pedal (Sold Separate) - We offer a pedal that will work with the Enzo Battery. The pedal only works with the Enzo Battery. But the pedal is not necessary to use the Enzo Battery.
Warranty - No warranty