Enzo Tattoo Pen

Item #: ENZO PEN-B

The Enzo Pen is made specifically to work with only the Nuto Cartridge Needles. This pen uses a performance motor that can spin up to 10,000 RPM. This pen has a 1" Inch grip handle and with a twist of the grip you can adjust the needle swing to change it from a Liner or Shader.

What are Nuto® Magnetic cartridge needles? Most cartridges use a spring, or rubber band to bring back needle into idle position . When you machine pushes the needle out this cause resistance/stress on your machine due to the spring or rubber band. This is why some cartridges require a stronger machine at a higher voltage.

With the Nuto Cartridge there is no spring or rubber band. The bottom of the cartridge and top of the loop bar have a small magnet that connects them together. So your needle can follow the smooth rotation of your machine. With this free flow design you machine can move faster and smoother at a lower voltage.

Included: Machine cords.
Pen Weight: 5oz
Warranty: 6 Months
Needle Swing: Adjust your needle swing length with a simple twist of the grip.