Enzo Pen V2
  • Enzo Pen V2

Enzo Pen V2

Item #: ENZO PEN-B-AP20

The new and more powerful Enzo Pen. This pen has large 1"inch grip and shorter size body. This make the pen easy to use and great balance and handling. This pen has a 3.6mm stroke and is adjustable to make it shorter . Great for lining and shading. This machine is powerful enough to handle any needles size. From 3 Liners to even 27 Magnums this machine can handle any needle type. Works with all standard cartridges. Includes an RCA Cord as well.

Product Specs:

Machine Height: 3.5" inch tall
Grip Width: 1" inch wide
Machine Weight: 3.9 oz
Operating Voltage: 6 – 7.5 V
Cartridge Type: Universal & works with all cartridges.
Needle Stroke: 3.6mm and can be shortened with a simple twist of the grip.
Connection: T2 Premium RCA Cord Connection (Included)
Motor: Custom Japanese motor (10,000 RPM)
Warranty: 6-Month Warranty.

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